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“Who are we?

We want to thank you for visiting Steaminteractive.com, a news, opinion and review site about gaming and interesting things that gamers care about. We are another blogging site that digs behind the headlines to find something interesting about gaming. Here, you will read gaming news and articles from over 100 local, national and international sources. We are a one-stop shop for gaming news, reviews, opinions, and analysis. Unlike other gaming magazine sites, we write and link to articles from trusted sites that inform readers and at the same time entertain them.


Our objectives

We are a site that aims to inform and entertain gamers of any gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity. It is a site for all gamers, fans and even people who don’t know how to play games but are eager to know them. We would like gamers of any type to feel welcome any time they are reading these articles.


Content sources

We write anything and everything that we come across in the gaming industry, and then link the content to the most trusted sources. We are a site that writes about new games, that interview top gamers and that interact with top gaming developers to find out the next big thing in the gaming industry. We give under-represented gamers a chance to tell us their journey, ambitions and future plans. We don’t fear to venture into areas where other gaming news outlets fear. We, therefore, write about, hackers, cheaters, bad games, and everything that bad guys don’t want to be exposed. We are a site of opinions and multiple voices, a site where our main mandate is to be honest about what we think about certain things. We believe gaming is not a niche of lies. We still want our readers to feel free to agree or disagree with our opinions and reviews. We encourage bold opinions and smart arguments. We welcome debate about anything that we publish.


What makes our blog different?

In truth, Steaminteractive is one of those gaming magazine sites that blurs the line between a news site and a blog site. Our content is straight to the point in terms of news and features. With so many gaming magazine sites chasing the same news, we publish the same news in time in a way that still manages to pick up new angles and exclusives. We then refer our readers to get more insight from other trusted sources.As befitting the site of a broadsheet newspaper, the Steaminteractive gaming magazine publishes gaming press releases in favor of a more measured approach, offering interviews, analysis, and opinion. Our content is always straight to the point, readable and often thought-provoking.
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